Are your Belongings and Valuables Protected for your Next Trip?
Travel Smarter. Protect Your Belongings.

Travel Smarter. Protect Your Belongings.

Do you have a trip planned for the next couple weeks or the next month?  Maybe a cruise, maybe a business trip, maybe even a destination wedding. You might just be attending your nephew's graduation in your town. If you need a place to keep your valuables hidden and safe, we have the solution. 

Here's the thing, whatever it is, you always have valuables that you want to keep safe and close by. Hidden Pockets are the answer. Whether these hidden pockets are in your shirt, shorts, or belly band -  valuables can be discreetly kept safe. Not only can you take your mind of keeping something safe or protected, you youself have easy access when needed.

Concealment Shirts: A Great Thing to Travel With

When travelling its great to be able to keep valuables on you. Things like cash, jewellery, even valuable documents like passports.

We're all worried  about theives, or pick pockets. Heck, we are worried about our own carelessness on our own part. If you have your valuables stored somewhere safe- that is one less thing you have to worry about. 

A secret pocket in a shirt works great because its close to your body and it isn't something you would take off easily. In other words, you wouldn't take it off and leave it somewhere. Having pockets with secure zippers assures you and gives you peace of mind that your valuables are protected and SAFE.

Also don't forget about going to an event, maybe even a wedding. You don't have to be going out of the country to worry about your wallet or money clip. 

MyHiddenPockets Specializes in concealment products that you can use everyday. Products that are practical and can be used in a variety of ways. Check out our selection of concealment shorts, shirts and travel accessories. Available for men and women. Available in a variety of sizes. Check us out for a more secure travels and journies ahead. You will have peace of mind that your most valuable things are protected and safe. 

Under Tech UnderCover Crew Neck Concealment Shirt Black MENS

Under Tech UnderCover Crew Neck Concealment Shirt Black MENS

Under Tech UnderCover Crew Neck Concealment Shirt Black MENS
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This Men's Under Tech UnderCover Crew Neck Concealment Shirt is composed of a special compression fabric that will fit you like a glove. Great for all weather. It has been recentlty redesigned and created from CoolTech Fabric which keeps you cool during the day. This shirt works with any body type and will not stop you in any of the movements you do on a daily basis. It has 7 pockets each specifically designed so that you can carry your valuables on you safely and with no one noticing. 

7 Pockets for Your Valuables and Protection of Your Goods
  • 3 pouch pockets for things that you want to grab at easily
  • 4 zippered pockets. These micro zippers offer storage that is secure for your valuables
  • One of the pockets features a Snap to Close Loop- great for hanging your watch, rings, bracelets etc. 
Sizes Available (To Determine the Correct Size, Measure by Chest, in inches):
  • Small (34"-37")
  • Medium (38"-41")
  • Large (42"-45")
  • 1X -Extra Large (46"-49")
  • 2X (50"-53")
  • 3X( 54+")
Composed of:
Composed of: CoolTech Fabric: MicroPoly/Lycra blend


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Shipping Cost: $9.90 USD
Shipping Method: UPS
Payment: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Money Order or check (check must clear before product is shipped)
Return Policy: 30 Day Return Policy
Color Black
Fabric Cool Tech
Sizes Available Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Version of T-shirt Crew Neck
# of Pockets in this T-shirt 7
Features Benefits
Comes in 6 Different Sizes The shirt conforms to any body type but does not restrict movement.
Composed of Cool Tech Fabric Cools Your body Down
Comes with 7 Pockets Store your belongings safely and access easily
Convenient zippered pocket With a snap to close loop, perfect for storing jewellery and watches
MyHiddenPockets- Concealment Products 4 Safe & Secure Travel

MyHiddenPockets- Concealment Products 4 Safe & Secure Travel

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